Where to Lasercut?


The best place to lasercut is Fablab, and most cities have one.  The staff at those facilities will assist you with your projects, so if you need to lasercut the Renderpockets, you can bring the file with you and they will help you.

The prices are reasonable, they usually charge per minute of use (about $1 per min in Berlin, Germany), it takes about 30-40 minutes to lasercut 1 Renderpocket, plus the cost of Plexiglas (about $15 for 1 Renderpocket).  Some locations offer 50% discount to members (member monthly fee is about $50), so lasrcutting costs can be reduced by half.

To find FabLab location near you please visit this site:


If you are located far from FabLab, you can try an architecture school, most of them have lasercutters these days.