What is Renderpockets?

Render Pockets is an elegant DO-IT-YOURSELF solution for the IKEA Helmer Renderfarm setup. Designed to be used with S-Series i7 Processors for lower power consumption and smaller energy bills, but yet powerful enough to render anything!

Instead of cutting all the metal parts, this lasercut plexiglas kit will simply slide into each drawer, making it quick and easy to assemble your own CPU based (perfect for Vray and Corona users) renderfarm in matter of minutes!

The most ambitious Ikea- Hack ever

Fab-Lab Berlin
Fab-Lab BerlinFablab-Berlin.org


What do I get with this purchase?

You will receive digital download link to Renderpockets Lasercut Files (AutoCAD, DWG file format, most lasercutters accept this format). All instructions will be provided in the Free Guide, that you can download without purchase. You do not receive the physical item, only the digital download. You also qualify to receive new designs as they become available.

What configuration can I use to fit inside Renderpockets?

Renderpockets was designed for mini-ITX motherboards and recommended to be used with Low Wattage i7 intel CPU (S-Series 65W, such as i7-4770S, i7-6700 non K) to reduce heat.

Where to lasercut?

Best place is the FabLab, you can see if there is one in your city: here

Suggested Hardware

This list is updated every few months: here

What is the RAM Limit

Right now, for mini-ITX motherboards, RAM limit is 32GB for socket 1151 (i7-6700 non K), it is possible with 2 modules of 16GB DDR4 RAM. However new type of motherboards have been announced recently, that will support between 32-128GB of DDR4 RAM on mini-ITX motherboards. Supermicro X10SDV-F with up to 128GB RAM and ASRock EPC612D4I up to 64GB RAM.

What Power Supply to use?

Renderpockets is designed to be used with SFX form factor PSU, such as Silverstone SFX ST30SF 300W ATX12V. It is recommended to use at least 80-Plus Bronze rating power supplies from trusted manufacturers.  On average, each mini-ITX node only needs about 150-200W of power.


At render the temperature range is about 55-75 degrees Celsius with i7-6700 (non-K) (65W) CPU and Noctua NH-L9i CPU cooler. While idle, the temperature is about 25c. It is recommended to use Front panel with at least 1 fan to reduce the heat and a custom low profile CPU cooler. The temperature is hotter for Stealth mode (without front fans), 10-20c hotter in some cases.


When all 6 nodes are rendering you can hear noise, but not as loud as a server rack noise. When at idle, the fans spin slower and produce less noise. To reduce noise, you can use higher quality 60mm fans from manufacturers such as Noctua.

Is Renderpockets part of IKEA?

No, Renderpockets is independent product not related to Ikea, but you need Ikea Helmer cabinet to house Renderpockets inside. Ikea Helmer cabinet cost about $40.

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